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Aluminium Boards

Aluminium Boards

The Aluminium PCB belongs to the family of IMS, "Insulated Metal Substrates".

This is a PCB built on an Aluminium plate on which a special prepreg is applied. The primary qualities of which are an excellent capacity for heat dissipation and great dielectric strength. The base material consists of an aluminium core, a thermally laminated layer (dielectric) and a copper foil, which would later be the PCB design. Among all metal core PCBs, the aluminium PCB is the most commonly used type.

The advantages of using Aluminium boards

The Aluminium Base Material is mostly used in the LED sector as the dielectric as a thermally laminated layer dissipates heat very efficiently and ensures that the components, which are usually high-power LEDs, do not overheat and insure a longer service life of the product. 

Our Designers and Specialists of the CS-Team have many years of experience with this material and the design of those boards. We can advise and guide you competently on the selection of the right material and design for your application.

Feature CS Electronics Technical Specification
Number of Layers 1 - 8 layers
Plated Through Holes Max 8.0mm
Materials Ventec, Ccaf, Boyu, Bergquist,
Copper weights 4 oz
Minimum Track and Gap 8/8 mil
PCB thickness 3.2mm
Maximum Dimensions 400*1500mm
Surface Finishes Available HASL (SnPb), HASL LF (SnNiCU), OSP, ENIG, Immersion Tin, Immersion Silver, Electrolytic Gold, Gold Fingers, Hard Gold and EPIG, Soft Gold
Minimum Mechanical Drill 1.0mm for single-sided; 0.2mm for 2 and 4 layers
Stencil with and without frame
IMS White with grey base

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