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Engineering Services

Engineering Services

In CS, we are now able to extend the services available to our customers, with all design
requirements. The services we provide:

1) Initial consultation
2) Design proposals
3) Design specification
4) Analog and digital design
5) Component selection
6) Schematic design
7) PCB design
8) Gerber manipulation
9) Firmware development
10) Component procurement
11) PCB sourcing
12) Prototype manufacture
13) Testing and test procedure development
14) Compliance testing and regulatory advice for EMC
15) Manufacturing pack creation
16) Final product production management

Test Equipment:

Our large inventory of equipment includes oscilloscopes, precision current probes, spectrum analyser, electronic load, pre-compliance EMC test equipment, logic analyser, thermal camera, and temperature logging suite. For our customers in the lighting industry, we provide a fibre optic spectrometer that can be used for a variety of optical testing and calibration procedures.

Schematic capture & PCB design:

Our engineers have experience working with Altium Designer which is now the industry standard for schematic entry and PCB layout. This is our tool of choice for new designs although other tools can be utilised at the client’s request. All PCB files produced use 3D modelling for all components so an accurate 3D model can be exported into other CAD packages such as Solid Works for mechanical integration of the PCB into housings etc.

Firmware Development:

We also have experience developing firmware for commercial products in both 8bit and the latest 32bit ARM architectures including the implementation of real time operating systems such as FreeRTOS. Any aspect of an embedded systems can be provided such as full colour graphical user interfaces and communication protocols such as CAN, Ethernet, RS485, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Component Procurement:

We have relationships with all the major component suppliers who support us for prototype and production quantities of electronic parts. Our affiliations hold extensive stocks of commodity components that can be utilised for customer’s builds if required.

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