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Flex Rigid

Flex Rigid

Flex-Rigid PCBs are a complicated product. An early phase of your requirements between your designers and our engineers will be of great advantage to contribute to the success of the PCB. This is usually not so necessary for a simple 4 or 6 layer
flex-rigid PCBs, but for more the complicated structures, technical guidance is important or perhaps even essential to optimise the design for manufacturability and to reduce costs.

Flex-Rigid PCBs have a variety of different structures

Here are some most common ones:

Traditional flex-rigid structure: multi-layer combination of rigid and flexible circuit with three or more layers with plated-through holes. The capacity please see below.

Asymmetrical flex-rigid structures with the FPC on the outer layer of the rigid structure. This contains three or more layers with plated-through holes.

Multi-layer flex-rigid build-up with blind and buried vias as part of the rigid build-up. 2 layers of micro vias can be realised.

Please contact CS if you need further information or assistance, our engineers are happy to help you.

Feature CS Electronics Technical Specification
Number of Layers 2-20 Layers
Base Materials Supplier Shengyi, Taiflex, Du Pont, Arlon, Nelco Ventec, Rogers
Materials Pyralux, High CTI>600V, FR4, ALU, Copper clad, Low flow Prepregs, No Flow Prepregs, Dk Materials and Rogers Series
PCB thickness 0.3mm-3mm+/- 10%
Maximum Dimensions 406.4mm X 558.8mm
Outer Copper Thickness Weight 35µm - 105µm(1.0oz-3oz)
Inner Copper Thickness Weights 18µm - 105µm (0.5oz - 3oz)
Minimum Track and Gap 2mil/2mil depends on the copper weight
Impedance Tolerance /-10%
Burie/ Blind Vias Yes
Surface Finishes Available HASL (SnPb), HASL LF (SnNiCU), OSP, ENIG, Immersion Tin, Immersion Silver, Electrolytic Gold, Gold Fingers, Hard Gold and EPIG, Soft Gold
Minimum Hole Size Mechanical 0.15mm Laser Drill 0.1mm
Soldermask type LPI/Colour Green, Yellow, Black, Blue, Red, White, Matt Green, Matt Blue, Matt Black
Peelable Soldermask/Colour Peters SD 2955/Blue Green
Stencil with and without frame

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