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The request for flexible PCBs is increasing in all business sectors, with particularly strong demand in the medical, sensor technology, camera and industrial markets. Flexible circuits can be used wherever space is at a premium! Another reason for using flexible PCBs is safeness. With flexible PCBs you often avoid the use of connectors and cables because they are already part of the circuit.

We have dedicated partners for this expertise of PCBs who are specialised in this production process and have the machines to meet the strong requirements. We produce flex circuits from prototypes to high volume.

Flex PCB's most common structures

We offer lots of different structures of flex PCB`s There are numerous, different structures available. We would like to show you the most common set-ups below all in IPC Class 6013):

Single sided flex Coverlayer (polyimide + adhesive) bonded onto an adhesiveless single sided FPC core. With or without stiffeners.

Double sided flex Coverlayer bonded onto both sided of an adhesiveless double sided FPC core (two conductive layers) with plated through holes. With or without stiffeners.

Multilayer flex Coverlayer bonded on both sides of an adhesiveless construction containing three or more conductive layers with plated through holes. With or without stiffener.

Please contact CS if you need further information or assistance, our engineers are happy to help you.

Feature CS Electronics Technical Specification
Number of Layers 1 - 30 layers
Materials Shengyi, Taiflex Du Pont Pyralux, Arlon, Nelco, Ventec, Rogers
Copper weights 1/2oz (18 µm) to 3oz (105 µm)
Minimum Track and Gap 2.5/2.5mil for 1oz and prototypes; 3/3mil for 1oz on mass production
PCB thickness 0.15-6.0mm
Maximum Dimensions 406.4mm X 558.8mm or rail to rail
Surface Finishes Available HASL (SnPb), HASL LF (SnNiCU), OSP, ENIG, Immersion Tin, Immersion Silver, Electrolytic Gold, Gold Fingers, Hard Gold and EPIG, Soft Gold
Minimum Mechanical Drill 0.15mm
Solder Mask Colour Black, Blue, Green, Matt Green, Red, White
Stencil with and without frame

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